Welcome to the District and Municipal Court Management Association (DMCMA)

This site is dedicated to the professional court managers of the district and municipal courts of Washington State.

The purpose of this Association shall be to:

  • Increase court management proficiency and improve court services.
  • Encourage the exchange of practical knowledge and information relating to judicial administration.
  • Promote and build a quality education and training system.
  • Strive for standardization of procedures.
  • Coordinate efforts with various Associations to enact or improve laws affecting Courts.


Courts of limited jurisdiction include district and municipal courts. District courts are county courts and serve defined territories, both incorporated and unincorporated, within the counties. Municipal courts are those created by cities and towns. The District and Municipal Court Management Association serves Washington states courts of limited jurisdiction.

DMCMA, established in 1970, provides an opportunity for court and justice system professionals to network, build relationships, engage in professional development activities, and otherwise contribute to fostering court excellence, access to justice, and optimal public service. We welcome your interest in DMCMA and urge you to consider joining us.

DMCMA’s mission is to promote professional court administration and management; to sponsor educational conferences, forums and education and training programs on court administration and management; and to serve as a resource for judges, Administrative Office of the Courts, and other government officials in search of ways in which to evaluate and improve court and justice systems.

DMCMA Event Calendar

July 3, 2024