Elected Officers



To have quorum 51 % of the people below need to be present: 10 of the people below need to be
present at the meetings in order to have a quorum.


1. LaTricia Kinlow President
2. Ellen Attebery Past President
3. Frankie Peters President Elect
4. Therese Murphy Vice President
5. Juanita Sifuentes Treasurer
6. Candace Enders Secretary

Regional Directors

7. LaTricia Kinlow Central (King)
8. Mary Beth Phillips Central East
9. Amy Knutsen Central West
10. Mickey Zitkovich Northwest
11. Sherri Hansen Northeast
12. Miha Kapaki Southwest
13. Kelly Fields Southeast

Standing Committee Chairperson

14. Ellen Attebery Technology Chair
15. Margaret Yetter Education & Conference Chair
16. Dee Morrill Courts Helping Courts Chair
17. Vacant Legislative Chair
18. Misty Robison Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
19. Amy Knutsen Conference Co-Chair
20. Bryan Farrell Education Co-Chair
21. Andrew McSeveney Technology Co-Chair
22. Suzanne Elsner Membership Co-Chair
23. Maryam Olson Legislative Co-Chair